Platypus is about cooperative research by partner labs through exchange of personnel. After the project started in July 2017 Platypus members have been busy setting up the research structure through mutual visits.

– Krischan Koerfer is back at Western Sydney University to continue the work on non-rigid motion perception with a special focus on oculomotor control.

– Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic secondment activity was suspended for all of 2021. We hope to be back in 2022.

– Krischan Koerfer visited Western University in Sydney in January where he developed a novel stimulus design and conducted a series of experiments to investigate the interaction of eye movements and non-rigid motion perception. Unfortunately, the secondment was cut short in March because of the COVID-19 crisis.
– Markus Lappe went to Western Sydney University in January to prepare a manuscript on counter compression during saccades together with Tamara Watson. Also experimental techniques for measuring eye movements during blinks were evaluated and conducted. A group meeting with Frank Bremmer on filling-in of the blind spot was installed.


– Pablo Sanz Diez visited the Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences from University of Bologna where he conducted a series of experiments to determine whether size perception and saccadic amplitude during grasping movements can be modified by target size perturbations and/or the presence of haptic feedback. Sadly, the secondment was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
– Markus Lappe visited Monash University in Melbourne and developed a model for perceptual and motor consequences of adaptation of eye position. Model data were compared with experimental data collected at Münster University.
– Jakob Schwenk joined Adam Morris at Monash University to conduct electrophysiological experiments in area V1. Read more about his journey
– Miguel García García was at Western Sydney University conducting experiments on distortion adaptation motion perception and having hands-on training and development of experiments in VR and visual comfort. You can find a report of his journey here

– Markus Lappe and Rebekka Lencer of Münster University have visited Western Sydney University to conduct experiments looking at the role of blinks in perception and the the effect of eye movements on perception in psychosis.
– Johannes Kirchner went to Western University in Sydney to prepare and conduct MRI and EOG experiments on human eye movements during blinks.
– Sabine Tepper went to University of Rochester in February to meet with members of the secondment support board and prepare guidelines and a communication structure. Read more about her journeys.
– Anne Meermeier, a PhD student from Münster conducts experiments at University of Rochester. She’s mapping the blind spot with high resolution eye tracking.
– Frank Bremmer is visiting Monash University in Melbourne in March to discuss computational modelling of physiological data.
– Niklas Stein, an internship student from Münster is visiting ZEISS Vision Science Lab in Tübingen to conduct experiments using replicated optical correction in virtual reailty.
– Matteo Filippini is visiting Monash University in Melbourne in March-April to conduct experiments on eye and arm movements.
– David Engel, a PhD student from Marburg, startet his 8 month lasting journey to Monash University. He run experiments on self-motions visually simulated in virtual environments. Read a short decription about his visit

– Matteo Filippini, a PhD student from Bologna has conducted experiments at the ZEISS Vision Science Lab in Tübingen. Read more about Matteo’s Journey
– Anne Meermeier, a PhD student from Münster conducted experiments at Boston University. You can find a short report here.
– Patrizia Fattori and Claudio Galletti went to Boston University in July to prepare experiments on the combination of arm- and eye movements.
– Marcello Rosa went to Bologna University in July to discuss complementary experimental and theoretical techniques to compare findings between species.
– Sabine Tepper went to Monash University in July/August to meet with members of the secondment support board and prepare guidelines and a communication structure.
– Adam Morris traveled to Marburg and Münster in August to establish a program of experiments on computational modeling on how to combine visual information with information about eye movements to represent visual space.
– Tamara Watson stayed in Münster in September to establish research programs investigating discontinuities in perception around the time of blinks.