Matteo Filippini visits Zeiss

My journey to the Zeiss Vision Science Lab, Tubingen

Period: from 17 September to 04 November 2017.

I’m having the pleasure to work with the Zeiss’s research group here in Tubingen. Although I cannot hide that my first impact was a little confusing, because this actually is my first experience in a foreign country, people here are great to helping you to make you feel like at home.

My project concerns the development of a virtual reality framework useful to study visuo-motor interactions by means of gaze-contingency psychophysical experiments. Although VR applications are not my specialty, I have always wanted to throw myself into and I am really enjoying it. In fact, in Bologna, I am more dedicated to electrophysiology and neural decoding algorithms but, I am already starting to picture some VR application possibly relevant with monkeys! Anyway, for the moment, I just focus on my actual project to give to Annalisa and Katharina the chance to work with these new intriguing methods!

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