Visit to Monash University, July 2017 and University of Rochester February 2018 by Sabine Tepper

Never before have I visited such a great campus university as Monash. It is an own city in a beautiful park scenery. It was a pleasure to work with Adam Morris and his team. My task consisted of preparing guideline for the seconded researchers and for the home und host institution, gathering and evaluating information, like visa, housing, infrastructure, etc, and find out the right contact persons. Collecting first-hand experience with rules and regulations at different institutions was exciting and helped for a good communication structure between the partners at this level.  Thanks for the great support.

Rochester was my second stay at a big campus university but my instruction was the same. The tunnel system at the university was quite special. It is necessary because of the amounts of snow. My daily way to work was very comfortable because of the university bus line. I was a little early to visit Prof. Dr. Michele Rucci Lab because he just moved from Boston but everything worked out well. Thanks for the excellent encouragement.

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