Author: pfansw2013

Visiting the APlab at Boston University (BU) – by Annegret Meermeier

First of all, visiting Boston in the fall is a great idea. The parks as e.g. the Charles River Esplanade or my personal favorites the Jamaican Pond and the Arnold Arboretum offer ravishing views in fall. The foliage alone attracts a lot of tourists and when you get there, you know why. Boston is a very nice city with quite a bit of historic charm, lots of students and academic employees, sports and other public events.

Settling into the APlab went smoothly thanks to the very welcoming people who work there. After getting into C++ Coding (which was new to me) I could soon get a hands-on of the Dual Purkinje Eye tracker, the centerpiece of the Boston Lab. The DPI eyetracker can also be coupled to a stimulus deflector, an optico-electronic device that allows real-time image stabilization by shifting the image in the same direction and amount as the eye movements, with a spatio-temporal accuracy of 6 ms and 10″. During my stay I could also help with the testing of a newly developed machine, the digital DPI eye tracker which allows sub-arcminute resolution.
I was able to collect some data of the blind spot borders in 5 subjects, and a lot of data in my own eye, which we submitted as contributions to the VSS 2018.

—  Annegret Meermeier