Bologna’s experience of Pablo by Pablo Sanz Diez

Bologna… I really liked it! Many reasons come to my mind… It could be for the great amount of history in its streets, or for the reddish color of its monuments, or the youthful atmosphere, or for its incredible gastronomy… For all these reasons, the capital of Emilia-Romagna was for me a very pleasant surprise. Even better was my experience in the department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences of the University of Bologna. The people who conform this lab were the responsible ones, they made me feel at home.
After the first few days of adapting to the department’s facilities, I began to dig into the intricacies of my Platypus project, which aimed at investigating the effects of motor adaptations on size perception. Although new challenges, concepts and experimental techniques were appearing every day, the facilities of the department greatly facilitated my stay. I had the opportunity to work with a mobile eye tracking system (Pupil Labs) and a motion capture system (VICON). Both were the core of my project and allowed us to perform accurate measurements on more than twenty participants, to all of whom I am very grateful for their participation. In addition, the results obtained under this project were presented at the annual meetings VSS 2021 and SfN 2021. Awesome! See you soon, Bologna!

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